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 Modular Temperature Controller 

METICOM TC5H (pictured in 4 zone frame)

  • Practical design
  • LCD display
  • Internal alarm buzzer
  • Built-in (NFB) circuit breaker switch
  • One-key activated / deactivated standby function
  • Fast alternative for 230V/380V power input
  • Universal standardized chassis


  • Overvoltage protection
  • Heater shorting detected
  • Automatic detection of wire breakage of heater
  • TRIAC short-circuit protection
  • Detection against temperature wire breakage and reverse Troubleshooting of Temperature Sensor wiring.
  • Blown Fuse detection
  • Display function of current and output ratio.
  • Smart SOFT START function
  • Manual output if required
  • Auto/Manual Selection Function
  • PID Automatic Temperature Control
  • Output percentage limit setting
  • Two options of temperature sensor wire types (J/K)
  • Two options of temperature unit (°C/°F)
  • Six alarm options
  • K TYPE Thermocouple range: 0 ~ 600 °C ( 32~999 °F )
  • J TYPE Thermocouple range: 0 ~ 600 °C ( 32~999 °F )

  METICOM TC5H Temperature Controller and Modules are CE compliant.

TC5H Module/Card

 Our practical, interchangeable plug-in modules are compatible with multiple systems. Mastip METICOM TC5H modules are state-of-the-art modules designed to provide precise temperature control of the hot runner system. These modules are user-friendly delivering accurate, reliable performance.




Technical Information

Product Information

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