SVG System Doubles as Locating Ring to Ensure Alignment

The VeriShot SVG system sports a compact design, reduces mold height requirements and doubles as a locating ring housing the mechanics, which the company says ensures alignment between mold and machine platens. Pre-assembled, VeriShot features Mastips FlowLoc threaded leak proof nozzles with advanced heating technology for optimum control.

FlowLoc threaded nozzles attach securely to the manifold and feature advanced heating technology with embedded heaters. VeriShot SVG is compatible with TX19 and TX27 FlowLoc nozzles, which screw directly into the lower manifold providing a secure, leak-proof solution.

VeriShot is suitable for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish, fast flow rates, large volume parts and dimensional accuracy. VeriShot is capable of processing a wide range of engineering and commodity polymers. Low-mold filling stress results in higher part quality and consistency. It has patent-pending technology that includes high-temperature seals and adjustable valve pins.


PUBLISHED: MoldMaking Technology May 2018